Our Love Story

Story from the Beginning

In the romantic city of Venice, during an art festival, destiny brought together Gabriel and Rose. Their shared admiration for beauty, whether in a snapshot of nature or in the elegant swirl of a dance, sparked a connection. From shared coffees and walks with Picasso, their love deepened. A magical proposal under the Northern Lights during a trip to Iceland marked the beginning of their journey towards wedded bliss. Their tale is one of shared dreams, deep love, and a bond that’s as beautiful as a well-composed symphony.

First Time We Met

10th February, 2021

Under the romantic Venetian sky at an art festival, photographer Gabriel crossed paths with ballet dancer Rose. Their shared love for art sparked an immediate connection.

Our First Date

20th February, 2021

A walk through the picturesque streets of Venice, laughter echoing through quaint cafes, and shared stories over gelato marked Gabriel and Rose’s unforgettable first date.

Our Marriage Proposal

15th December, 2022

Under the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights in Iceland, Gabriel asked Rose to be his forever. Amidst the snow-clad landscape, they decided on a lifetime of love.

Special Moments Captured

Thank You

For Being With Us