Gabriel & Rose

We Are Getting Married

30th July 2023

Groom & Bride

Gabriel Lee

An ardent nature photographer, Gabriel finds solace in capturing the beauty of the world through his lens. His love for art and adventure is infectious.

Rose Mary

A graceful ballet dancer, Rose paints stories in the air with her movements. Her passion for dance is equalled by her love for animals and art.

Our Love Story

In the romantic city of Venice, during an art festival, destiny brought together Gabriel and Rose. Their shared admiration for beauty, whether in a snapshot of nature or in the elegant swirl of a dance, sparked a connection. From shared coffees and walks with Picasso, their love deepened. A magical proposal under the Northern Lights during a trip to Iceland marked the beginning of their journey towards wedded bliss. Their tale is one of shared dreams, deep love, and a bond that’s as beautiful as a well-composed symphony.

Where & When

The Ceremony: Join us for the heartfelt exchange of vows in the beautiful setting of The Enchanted Garden.

The Reception: Follow us to La Bella Vista for a delightful afternoon of celebration, toasting to the newlyweds and enjoying a feast to remember.

The Party: As the sun sets, we move to the picturesque Moonlight Vineyards. Dance under the starlit sky and celebrate the night away with Gabriel and Rose.

The Ceremony

The Reception

The Party

Thank You

For Being With Us